A fracas at the premiere screening of The Woman in Black


It goes like this: I find out, at around 4:30 on Thursday afternoon, that I’m going to the Woman in Black screening (screening time is 7:00), Daniel Radcliffe in attendance. The screening, hosted by Alliance-Atlantis and held at the Scotiabank theatre, is besieged upon my arrival by Radcliffe fangirls, but I encounter no trouble entering the theatre, proceeding to Alliance’s ticket desk, and exchanging my voucher for my ticket. I proceed upstairs to the theatre, text Sasha that I’m going inside, and - with my cell phone in the same hand as my ticket, mind you - hand an Intercon security guard my ticket and take my seat in the theatre.

Hours pass as Daniel Radcliffe is magically teleported from Hogwarts to the Scotiabank theatre, and he ends up taking the stage at around 7:35, preceded by Richard Crouse, who at that moment musta felt like Albert Brooks when he had to face a slathering crowd who were waiting for Richie Havens. “Richie! Richie! Richie!” “Oh, they gonna kill you.”

I’m on the aisle, second or third row of the ETX theatre, when another Intercon security guard charges into my space and demands that Corey Atad - sitting three seats over from me - get up and come to him immediately. Corey’s already wise to what’s gone wrong; he’s taken a picture, and cameras aren’t allowed. He gets up, apologizes to the guard and hands over his phone, and says “I’m going to get it back, right?”

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